It was a confusing night on Fashion Star. The best item of the night almost wasn’t even bought.

fashion star

Who is your Fashion Star?

The theme

With inspiration from cars (a Fiat 500 – very obvious and annoying “sponsorship”), the Fashion Star designers had to do a look for a “night on the town.” They also got to do photoshoots with their outfit and a car. Tres exciting.

Johana Hernandez and Daniel Silverstein went with the red Fiat. Sporty. Va va voom. Etc.

Hunter Bell and Jesseray Vasquez and Garrett Gersen wanted to take direction from the idea of The Met Ball. Well, Hunter did. Jesseray and Garrett didn’t know what The Met Ball was.

Silvia Arguello and Cassandra Hobbins went for silver, hoping for an avant garde look.

Johana Hernandez's scuba dress

Johana Hernandez’s scuba dress

What got bought?

Palazoo Pant – Jesseray and Garrett
Slit Maxi Dress – Hunter Bell

Macy’s wanted the pants, and so did Express. I have no idea why. I like pants like that, but the print…eh. Macy’s backed out so Express could have them and the boys could sell to Express and have a shot at winning the whole thing. I love the Macy’s spokesperson, man. And yes, I forgot her name. I forget ALL their names.

Macy’s is the only one who wanted Hunter’s dress. They were upset it was such a daytime dress. Sure. It is. But the dress itself was SO cute. This is the best item from the entire lot, and it was nearly completely disregarded because it didn’t fit the brief. Ugh. I don’t’ care if it wasn’t “right” it was the prettiest damn thing they had from the entire group tonight! Especially the blue dress version. . And the best part of the dress? That neckline and the straps, and how it was very subtly colorblocked. That? That is so flattering. It offers support while still looking very feminine and dainty. This design could have easily been for night if Hunter had picked a different fabric. It makes me kind of question her mind… this is the girl who wanted to take inspiration from The MET BALL! No one would wear that, there. Even in a better fabric, that’s just … no. But as a dress in general? Yes! (I know, I’m confusing you. Let’s keep going!)

Maxi Skirt and dress – Cassandra Hobbins
Jacket and mini skirt – Silvia Arguello

I was so disappointed by Silvia’s look! The bow detail was so wrong. But Saks was a fan, as was Express. And Express was the winner, actually because of it looking young enough.

The silver version of Cassandra’s look was actually nice. Then again a futuristic look with a burgundy lip and silver is always such a glam night look. But no one bought this look. Ha. It has been one of Cassandra’s best looks, but that isn’t saying much!

Back Zipper Dress – Daniel Silverstein
Scuba Dress – Johana Hernandez

For Daniel, the braided ponytail was more interesting than the dress. But the dress was okay. Before the bidding, Daniel gave a plea about how he was bringing his family honor. Would he get any bids? Luckily, Saks wanted in on the boring dress. So did Express. And Express won.

The scuba dress was not my thing. But Macy’s wanted it. And Macy’s did manage to style the black one in a pretty nice way, as you can see above. Although don’t ask ME to walk in those platform pumps.

Hunter Bell's dress

Hunter Bell’s dress

Who is the best designer?

My fashion star? So glad you asked. This competition will come down to Silvia Arguello and Hunter Bell. Don’t you think? If you disagree, tell me because I kind of feel like it’s so obvious a fact that the show has lost any “surprise” factor for the finale.

Last week, we lost Amber Perley – you know, the Jewel Staite lookalike. And that was sad, because at least Perley was nice. You know who isn’t nice on this show? The dreaded (yes, DREADED) Cassandra Hobbins. I will call her the Tall Hobbit from now on. Although that might be an insult to other Hobbit’s. (I’m so good at Celebrity Lookalikes.)

Bottom two

Cassandra and Johana, with Johana being ousted. Dammit! I hoped Cassandra would leave!

Fashion Star airs Fridays at 8 pm on NBC.