As a head’s up, nothing that was sold during this episode of Fashion Star is something I’m going to recommend you buy. But at least we had Jessica Simpson being cray cray.

fashion star

Who is your Fashion Star?

So, another episode of Fashion Star. I have to admit I took a break from the past couple of episodes. As in, I didn’t even watch them. But, I’m back, and just in time.

Jessica Simpson wore a feather vest over a dress with her hair in a big ol’ bouffant for this episode. It was one of the most ridiculous things she’s ever worn. Do you realize the gravity of this statement?! Because she’s pregnant in this, and therefore big, I want to say she reminds me of … Miss Piggy crossed with Buddha. But I guess that’s too mean, huh? It’s not her size…it’s her personality and fashion sense that make me think of that, paired with the way she sits at the judges table like she’s a beacon of knowledge.

Weekly Task

The challenge this week was to listen to what the buyer’s wanted. Then, you could listen to one, two, three or none.

Silvia remains my favorite. Caprice Willard from Macy’s told Silvia to work on clothes for younger women. Terron Schaefer said to go for black/white and graphic pieces with power.

Daniel was told by Erika de Salvatore of Express to create designs that would appeal to many more women. Terron said Daniel needs to create items that will sell to women.

Amber is targeting Macy’s. But Erika asked Amber to design for a youthful, modern woman.

Jesseray and Garrett were asked to do a knits by Macy’s and Express.

Johana … I forget to pay attention. But she’s in a positive mood, which is good.

If this seems all over the place, it is. We didn’t get to hear the advice that was given to each designer. And it seems that some people (Terron) had the same suggestion for each designer. Other’s had different suggestions based on who the designer was. It’s disappointing that this episode had such a great concept, but the execution was so sloppy.

The Runway Analysis

Cassandra Hobbins: I hate her. She’s a jerk and a mean person. Her leopard print dress was tacky. However, that design in the black and white colorblocking was really nice. …I hate saying that. I don’t think that her designs are coherent week after week, though. They don’t tell me who she is. So I don’t know why the judges say they can understand her, but not Amber, via the clothes. Express now has the item.

Amber Perley: She’s smart. I can respect her. Her peplum blazer was surprisingly on trend, since peplum is everywhere. I didn’t like the black and white print at all, though. It looked very junior to me. She got no offers on this item.

Silvia Arguello: Again, my favorite designer. Her jumper…was cute, if you can see yourself wearing a jumper…I guess. (I’m not someone ho would wear a jumper. I can see Rachel Zoe in them.) Saks bid highly for this item. ($200,000)

Daniel Silverstein: I like the idea of being artistic. I just don’t think he’s … like, good. His illusion jacket… no, I wouldn’t wear it. No bids. Sorry, Danny boy!

Johana Hernandez: So enjoyable in general…I have to admit I found her blouse kind of eh. Express and Macy’s had a bidding war, with Macy’s taking the win.

Jesseray and Garett: Their blazer vest was actually …nice. At least the first version we saw. Something so masculine is nice if you pair it with something super feminine. But it would be tough to style, I think. And the buyers agreed. No bids.

Hunter Bell: A romper is what she delivered. And I want to know who wears rompers! Not me. Express and Macy’s both wanted it so very badly, but Macy’s won at $200,000. Caprice liked that it was a “sexy romper” which seems like an oxymoron.

“I’m a girl who like to show off my drum sticks.” – Jessica Simpson, about why she liked Hunter Bell’s romper.

Up for elimination: Amber, Jesseray and Garret, Daniel
Eliminated: Amber Perley

It’s a shame. But she wouldn’t have won. Neither will Daniel or J&G. Nor Cassandra. It’ll come down to Hunter and Silvia, you can bet on it.