Kara Laricks and Luciana Scarabello blew us away on Fashion Star this week. Both designers ended up at the same place…Saks Fifth Avenue!

Saks fifth avenue has two items from Fashion Star this week. Saks has They have an an all white tuxedo shirt by Kara Laricks and dresses (in floral or black) by Luciana Scarabello. (The latter is our new favorite designer on Fashion Star 2012.)

We have to admit that the white tuxedo shirt looks great when layered loosely over some dark denim or (gasp) black leggins. And Scarabello’s dresses look great with a sparkly nude shoe, although we preferred them with the hair in top knots the way they were styled on the show. The dress in the pattern or solid would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Macy’s is offering the Elbow Patch Cardigan Sweater by Nzimiro Oputa, which is very sharp and refined without loosing its casual vibe. We prefer it in the heather gray over the oatmeal cream. It looked better on the runway, sadly.

H&M has the dress by Ronnie Escalante which we think makes your back/behind look weird. We do not recommend this, and think H&M just wanted to bit on anything.

luciana scarabello