We tell you what’s left from Fashion Star choices last night, and which of those you should invest in buying!

Macy’s made two purchases last night on Fashion Star. The Lightweight Twill Trench Coat by Kara Laricks ($99.00) and the Double Lapel Suit Jacket & Wide-Leg Pants by Ronnie Escalante ($208.00.)

We say pick up the Spring-ready tan trench by Laricks, but skip the unflattering white suit unless you’re Victoria’s Secret model skinny. (Update: The tan trench is sold out, but you can still get it in red.)

fashion star

Saks Fifth Avenue scored well with a Sleeveless Dress by Orly Shani ($295.00) but we think did poorly with the choice of the Striped Dress #$295.00)  by Nikki Poulos.

H&M made purchases last night, too. They made four, as a matter of fact. They picked up a Modern Dress Designed by Ronnie Escalante ($39.95 – Sold Out), Sexy Dress Designed by Kara Laricks ($24.95 – Sold Out), and a Blazer and Trouser combo by Orly Shani ($39.95 & $24.95 – both Sold Out.)

We would have advised you steer clear of the Escalante dress that gives the wearer the look of having a Kangaroo pouch, but to snap up that amazing blazer by Shani!