Now that the Reality TV show Kourtney and Kim Take New York is over, it’s time for you to all vote and decide if you think this was a staged marriage or not.

Keep in mind that what you saw on the show was edited by the Kardashian’s themselves.  Also keep in mind the amount of money that Kim Kardashian made once she decided to get married and let it air on E!. Keep in mind that the proposal was plotted out for the cameras. Keep in mind that this was her second marriage, and she knew some of what to expect, contrary to her “heh, heh, we should have talked about long-term living arrangements and kids before all of this?” act. Keep in mind that for this reality TV show, a scene set in Dubai where Kim talks about being unhappy in marriage was actually filmed in NYC a week after the divorce was filed, which is a blatantly manipulative act. Keep in mind that experts have judged that this was a fraud. If this was a real marriage, where was any attempt to fix it before the quickie divorce happened?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries never seemed to show affection or get along, making it seem odd that the pair would ever decide to get married at all.

There are so many reasons to think this was a hoax and  a giant conspiracy of lies all meant to entertaining the masses. But are we ready to admit that life today includes people who will lie about marriage just for a buck? If you havent heard of the term of a “Spin” then you might not realize the lengths that anyone in the public eye will go to in order to save face or make money. People fake relationships in Hollywood all of the time.

Is the only reason you’re unwilling to say that this was a fraudulent marriage simply because you’re a fan of Kim Kardashian and you don’t want to believe she’d do this to her fans?If it was someone else, would you look at the facts and think differently?

Well, we want your honest opinion. Was this marriage fake or not?!