Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian. Her boobs may be big but her brainpower, not so much.

One of the more interesting Twitter trending topics right now is the one for celebrity perfumes, where people create fake perfume names by the famous people we know (and apparently mostly hate, or at least love to mock). I’ve selected a few I thought were the most impressive. Twitter trends are always becoming more creative.

Admittedly when I first clicked to Celebrity Perfumes I thought maybe were talking about real celebrity perfumes. Sometimes we need twitter trending topics explained. I caught onto this one pretty fast.

Anyway, these tweets made the cut:

iFollowMe #celebrityperfumes i’m rich bitch by Dave chapelle

alex_ruiz “Beard” by Katie Holmes #celebrityperfumes

marissabree123 #celebrityperfumes I stole your husband by angelina jolie

RealDocWatson #celebrityperfumes “Skank” by The Kardashians

skr8pimp #celebrityperfumes I’m barely famous by @officialtila

GqDre #celebrityperfumes Lipstick Pitbull – Sarah Palin

PrttyBella #celebrityperfumes Put A Ring On It By Beyonce