The Fairly Legal theme song is”The Yellow Brick Road Song” by Iyeoka, on the CD “Say Yes.” Apparently, tornados better stay out of our way. Which is something I heartily agree with.

fairly legal

The song is upbeat, and a nice match for the show which stars Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed, a clever mediator. This song also fits nicely for the theme of The Wizard of Oz which is prevalent in Reed’s life.

Via press release:

Iyeoka’s latest single, “The Yellow Brick Road Song” received national placement in an episode of the new hit HBO series “How To Make It In America,” gaining many positive reviews for both lyrical content and musical composition.

Her newest album SAY YES evokes her revelatory spirit. The creative vision for SAY YES is more expansive than one medium, so for this project Iyeoka will release SAY YES as an Evolving Album. Out NOW, the evolving version of SAY YES is available exclusively from Iyeoka’s website, and every week new content (whether that be in the form of a song, video or poem) will be added to the album. Fans are able to join the SAY YES journey whenever they like. No matter the part of the ever-evolving journey at which fans decide to join and purchase SAY YES, they will be sent the additional content as the project continues to evolve.

Listen to the Fairly Legal Theme Song The Yellow Brick Road Song:

The Yellow Brick Road Song Lyrics:

I see this fantasy taking me from Kansas to serenity

These dreams that seem to come from somewhere over the rainbow

These days seasons change just as quickly as a harmony

I need to escape to awaken a believable journey…

I know how possible we are

We can go and achieve the inconceivable

I know just how possible we are

We can follow our own yellow brick road

So Possible/This is where we belong

There’s no tornado that can stop us now

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