Will the ambitious Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) be back on the USA Network? Hmm! The Fairly Legal season 1 finale “Bridges” will air on March 24, 2011. Make sure to watch. It’s a great episode.

fairly legal

FAIRLY LEGAL Bridges Summary: In a hectic day, Kate prevents an international incident, mediates between brothers and gets thrown in jail.

Having already watched the Fairly Legal finale, here are my bullet-point notes:

  • David Smith gets found, again. Crap.
  • There’s some wacky comedy – banana, fire alarm….
  • A truly complex dispute about parents vs bio family
  • Leo is the best of best friends. You’ll want more Leo. I wanted more Leo.
  • Huge curveballs! These could be very fun to play with in a second season
  • The last line is hilariously on point. Awesome.

Fairly Legal season 1 quotes are after the jump.

Fairly Legal Quotes from Bridges:

“Right now, I have to go get my ass kicked.” – Kate
“What for?” – Justin
“I don’t know yet.” – Kate

“You’re on time, that seemed…momentous.” – Judge Nicastro

“I don’t wear a watch.” – Kate
“Well, that explains a lot.” – Judge Nicastro

“You can do this…probably.” – Judge Nicastro

“Coffee, muffins, cookies… anything that might make grumpy men feel warm and fuzzy inside. That would be great.” – Kate

“Don’t worry, I got kugel.” – Leo
“What made you think that kugel would soften their hearts?” – Kate
“It’s like a breakfast and a dessert.” – Leo

“It is never too late to start.” – Kate Reed on happiness

“You see how board games teach collaborative play?” – Leo

“What can I say? I failed sharing in preschool.” – Kate Reed Quotes

“Look, I’m on the verge of being thrown into jail or creating an international incident. And THOSE aren’t even the most upsetting parts of my day.” – Kate

“I’m going home.” – Kate

“That’s what I do. I build bridges.” – Kate

“Christmas and bombs.” – Justin

“I’ll be back!” – Kate

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