Here is a collection of quotes from the Fairly Legal Pilot. We’ll be covering Fairly Legal Season 1 quotes on this TV Blog.

fairly legal pics

“You’ve still got some luck left.” – Kate

“I thought mediators were supposed to solve problems.” – Spencer
“Sometimes. And sometimes they just like to point them out.” – Kate

“No I.D. Cheap makeup. Was she a rental?” – Kate

“You don’t even know her name and you let her drive the beamer?”
That’s the part that bothers you?” – Kate

“Don’t make me whistle, again.” – Kate

“Ooh, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Wrong watch.” – Kate

“Does justice look like this?” – Kate
“I knew you’d recognize it when you saw it.” – Judge Nicastro

“…And I believe that laws are made by people, and people are often wrong.” – Kate

The Fairly Legal premiere date is Thursday January 20, 2011

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