If you asked me which TV stars I would most like to hang out with, my answer would undoubtedly be Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez from NBC’s awesome (pun intended) show, Chuck. After having a near-cancellation experience, Chuck has come back with a vengeance in its third season, and the antics of Chuck, Morgan and the rest of the “Scooby gang” continue to get crazier and more exciting with each new episode. Read below to find out what Zach and Josh would do if they had the chance to let their imaginations run wild with an episode. BEWARE: Hilarity ensues.

Joshua Gomez (JG): I’m staying on until I get a question out of Travis, I don’t care if it takes all day. [Travis was having technical difficulties]

Small Screen Scoop (SSS): I’m going to telepathically connect to Travis so I can ask you his question…

(Zachary and Josh laugh)

JG: Here’s his question. Where do I get a working phone? (laughs)

SSS: Thank you guys so much for taking the time out, I’m really excited to talk to you. I’m a big fan.

JG: No problem.

Zachary Levi (ZL): Thank you.

JG: No problem!

SSS: My question is for both of you. If there were no restrictions what premise would you like to see for an episode of Chuck? And what scenarios would you put Morgan and the rest of the gang through? And in particular what kinds of crazy costumes would you make your cast-mates wear just for the sake of torture?

ZL: Oh wow.

JG: Man oh man there’s so many in there. Holy smokes.

ZL: Yeah. I mean, I think – and perhaps I’m speaking for both Josh and I in this but, you know, I mean, we’re a couple of dudes, you know, we’re a couple of dudes who love first person shooter video games. So yes, so I think if we had our druthers we would be running around with guns all day. That would be…

JG: Yeah, yeah.

ZL: …that would be the ultimate. And…

JG: We’d – yeah, yeah. (gets excited) …space marine gear, yeah!!

ZL: And then the costumes we’d put everyone in will clearly Yvonne [Strahovsky] and Sarah [Lancaster] would be put in scantily clad, you know…

JG: Yeah.

ZL: …something. You know what and [Adam] Baldwin, let’s put Baldwin in…

JG: Oh that’s what I was going to say. My fantasy would put Adam Baldwin in that freaking elf costume that I have to wear, you know…and have him prance around the Buy More. Yeah.

zachary leviZL: Yeah. And then Vik [Sahay] and Scott [Krinsky] we’d just – we’d over-dress them…They’d be in parkas and beanies, well for Vik [Sahay] it’d be a (toc) being from Toronto. But no I don’t know, I mean, you know, how would we torture them? What kind of outfits would we put them in for torture?

JG: I don’t know.

ZL: I think you put anyone in a thong that’s torture, so there you go.

JG: Except for [Scott] Krinsky I think. I think for – Jeff he’d be quite comfortable.

ZL: Yeah, Jeff could pull off a thong. Hopefully he never pulls it off. If you get my meaning.

JG: And wouldn’t all these episodes take place in like Hawaii or something like that wouldn’t we…

ZL: Oh yeah.

JG: If we had no restrictions.

ZL: Oh yeah and by – yeah, sorry I forgot to qualify, all of these would take place in awesome foreign locals, none of this would actually happen in Burbank. This would all be shooting an episode in Hawaii, shooting an episode in Paris…

JG: An episode in Hoth. I mean, you said that we can go if we had no whatever so…

ZL: Oh my gosh. Echo base this is Rogue 2…I’ve found them.

JG: I’ve found them.

SSS: Ah, thank you so much guys, that’s a perfect answer, I love it. We’ve got Chuck versus the gun-toting poncho-wearers I think.

ZL: The Empire is breathing down our neck! (laughs)

JG: Yeah! (laughs) Adam Baldwin sitting in the back of the X-Wing in an elf costume. That’s how the episode would kind of…

ZL: He’s the harpooner.

JG: (cracks up) He’s the harpooner.

ZL: He’s the elvin harpooner!

JG: He’s the guy chained to build the (unintelligible) only he’s in an elf costume and he’s going ahhh, that would be my – no poor Adam.

SSS: Chuck versus the banana hammock.

JG: Yeah that’s it! (laughs)

ZL: Oh dear God.

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