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If there is any way to ease into your very first interview, it is being given the opportunity to talk to the charming stars of USA Network’s newest hit, White Collar. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay took time out of their premiere-pimping schedules to answer a few questions from yours truly. While they weren’t able to dish on spoilers from the premiere, which airs Tuesday, January 19th at 10pm/9c on USA, we were able to share a few laughs.


It seems that both Neal [Caffrey] and Peter [Burke] toe the line between right and wrong on the show, especially after seeing the cliffhanger in your fall finale.  What types of real life shenanigans have you gotten yourselves into that you can draw inspiration from?

Matt Bomer (MB): Tim, do you want to go?

Tim DeKay (TD): I know we only have a little under an hour so I won’t be able to go through all of my real-life shenanigans. That’s a good question.

matt bomerMB: I snuck my brother’s car out of the driveway in the middle of the night and was trying to run over trash cans with it. I was 16 and I got a flat tire and literally tried to go to the gas station to put air back into it. (Tim laughs in the background) It was nothing but shredded rubber and the rim. I came home and by the time I got home the rubber from the tire was literally slapping on the concrete so loud the entire neighborhood – my dad was waiting for me at the door and my license was revoked for quite some time. I wouldn’t say that I have the same kind of criminal savvy that Neal does.

TD: Is that a shenanigan?

MB: If that’s not a shenanigan I don’t know what is.

That definitely qualifies for me, thank you!

TD: That’s an excellent shenanigan; I can’t top that one.

(Note: Matt was unable to stay for the entire interview, so the last questions were only directed toward Tim.)

I’m really glad you’re here, I had a question specifically for you. Your resume is really impressive and you have worked with a lot of really talented people throughout the span of your career. I was wondering if there is anyone that stands out to you that you thought would be a good guest star for White Collar or maybe what role you could see them potentially filling.

TD: That’s a great question. That is fantastic and I feel that if I gave you ten people I’d hang up the phone and say oh, my gosh I didn’t mention this person. This person would have been great. (pause) Let alone all the people that I did theater with! Let me answer this. (pause) I go back to actors on tim dekayCarnivale –. (long pause)

Go ahead, play favorites. It’s okay; I won’t tell anyone.

TD: (laughs) You won’t tell anyone; you’ll write it though! It won’t come out of your mouth; it’ll come out of your fingertips onto your computer.

Details, details!

TD: I’m on to you. I play an FBI agent; I know these things. (chuckles) You can’t get that by me.

Fair enough; I tried!

TD: You did try. (laughs) There could be scores of people. That would be a dream of mine to have all these different people that I’ve worked with come and guest star. That would be a dream.

Fair enough, I’ll accept that answer.


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White Collar returns on Tuesday, January 19 at 10pm/9c!