We checked in with star-on-the-rise, Charlene Amoia. You know her as “Wendy the Waitress” on fan-favorite How I Met Your Mother. But you’ve also seen her on Glee, House M.D., Separated at Birth, Drop Dead Diva, Days of Our Lives and that pie-friendly movie, American Reunion. With a couple new movies coming out, and the possibility of a return to HIMYM season 9…we stole Amoia away to get the scoop.

Amoia is friendly, bright, and has a positive energy that will come through in this text, so enjoy!

charlene amoia

Charlene Amoia is well known as being a waitress at MacLaren’s pub on How I Met Your Mother. Photo: Submitted.

We have to ask – will Wendy show up in the final season of HIMYM, ya think?

Oh, I really don’t know but I do think it would be cool for the fans of the show to have all of the regular characters back before the end.

Let’s make that happen! So tell us, do you think Ted is more likely to invite Wendy to his wedding, or ask her to work it?

Ha. Good question. Maybe he would invite her so she and his dad could make out one more time.

Yes! You’ve recently been on Switched at Birth and Drop Dead Diva – can you talk about your experience with these roles on such family-friendly, happy shows?

Both Switched At Birth and Drop Dead Diva were very warm and welcoming sets. Although my roles are very different. On Switched at Birth I play the softer, gentler side to my characters slim ball husband but on Drop Dead Diva I was a full out ice princess. Diva style!

charlene amoia

A sincere smile is not hard to find where Amoia is concerned. Photo: Submitted.

Hah! From some interview quotes of yours, it seems like you are someone with an incredibly positive energy and attitude about enduring and thriving. How do you think your life could have been drastically different had you not adopted that attitude?

What alternative is there really? At some point you just have to find humor with life otherwise we’d all be walking Zombies. I’ve tried the Zombie thing once or twice, it was interesting for about a minute, ha.

Editor’s Note: That’s an interesting turn of phrase, about living life in a zombie way. Interesting. Hmm. I like that comparison a lot, especially for those dealing with depression. – Jessica

How are you different, as an actress and a person, from ten or fifteen years ago?

I don’t take myself as seriously and I don’t strive for perfection any more. Both those things, while I thought were good qualities when I was younger took all the magic and fun out of things. I’m much more willing to let go and see what each moment brings now.

What is something most of us wouldn’t know about you?

Growing up I always wanted to be a boy. I certainly don’t feel that way anymore.

As a writer with so many writer friends, I’m especially excited to hear more about your upcoming movie, “Authors Anonymous.” Who is your character, and what kind of movie is it?

I play Eudora and most my scenes were shot with Chris Kline. I’m not allowed to say anything about my character because it will give away the ending except that my she does have a love for all of the literary greats!

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With silky dark hair and a wide smile, Amoia rocks red carpets in strapless dresses and high heels. Here are some of her best looks:

charlene amoia

Charlene Amoia Style. Photos used under fair use copyright to display range of dresses.

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You have the movie “Fat” coming up, as well. Just the poster and synopsis make it look very powerful. Can you talk a little bit about the message that the movie is sending? How realistic and dark do you think the truth of this movie is?

This movie is based the writer/director’s (Mark Phinney) real life. It’s is very realistic and dark. This film really deals with food addiction and the main characters expectations with life and his disillusionment with being fat.

Would it be correct to say that it looks like you’re leaning towards dramatic movies more than comedic roles, right now?

Yes that’s true. I really love both comedy and drama so I guess that’s just the way luck of the industry would have it right now.

Charlene Amoia in "Fat"

Charlene Amoia in “Fat”

We’ve all got them – what are your favorite TV Shows right now?

Newsroom and Girls at the moment as far a scripted shows.

I read that you are a fan of “emilie SLOAN” bags, what other special brands do you love?

I love Emilie Sloan bags, I probably have 10 of them and carry at least one daily! I also love Stop Staring Dresses. I’m not that much of a brand whore though so it’s really about the style of an item.

Sounds like a girl with good taste!