damages martin short

While most have to wait a week to see the second episode of Damages season 3 (“The Dog is Happier Without Her”) I’ve been lucky enough to already view it. And I have to say… it.is.good. Okay no, make that “great”. Amazing, even. Just as good as the season 3 premiere. And, if you’ve seen the premiere you now know that this season will be unraveling the mystery of Tom Shayes death. Poor Tom! Right? He finally makes partner and then six months later, BOOM – all dead.

But what gets Tom from alive and thriving, to all pale and …immobile? Well, in this episode you’ll learn that the Shayes family was actually much more connected to the Louis Tobin Ponzi scheme than Tom ever realized. What’s more, Tom’s been keeping a secret from everyone but one female.

Speaking of a female, Ellen helps Tom with the Tobin case in this episode. Patty continues to make headway on the case from her angle as well (while dealing with her ex husband). The Tobin family will likely be important this entire season, so I’m glad they’ve cast them and their lawyer so effectively. The volatile relationship between Patty and Ellen is something else the Tobin’s may bring into light this season . With so many secrets, hiding places are limited these days.

No one’s safe. No one’s innocent. That’s the point.

When does Damages air? Mondays @ 10 pm ET/PT on FX