Add one part hellfire and one part cherub, you’ve  then got Sophie-Ann the Vampire Queen, played by Evan Rachel Wood for True Blood. We’ve only seen this character a couple times previously, but season 2 left us appropriately thirsty for more of this lady.

Evan Rachel Wood in True Blood season 3 / Ph: HBO

When we last saw Sophie-Anne in season 3 she was in an all black and fur ensemble, which was retro as always, glamorous as always, but also a little more bad ass.

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In an upcoming episode Wood will play Sophie-Anne  dressed all in white, once again. Her red hair is a perfect compliment to her bitter  disposition, and tres perfect clothing.  Despite how bratty she can be, wouldn’t you love to hang out with her at her place? You’d get to play Yahtzee!

We have some other new stills from True Blood, featuring Bill, Lorena, Lafayette, Tara, and Jason. Looks like Bill is taking calls while his vampire lover lounges in their bed…

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