Afraid you’ll have nothing to do over the holiday season? Think we’d stick you all alone with your FAMILY, with nothing to do but forced Scrabble tournaments and eating stale Chex mix (gross)? Well, you’ll probably have to do some of that, too… Dem’s the breaks! But when you sneak away to your laptop you can go to places like or for some great TV shows. Check out the list that NBC will have:

· All the episodes of the current seasons of Heroes, Trauma and Mercy are online!
· 30 Rock – Every 9 days, 3 more episodes from Season 4 will go live between December 11 and January 14
· The Office – Every 9 Days, 3 more episodes from Season 5 go live between December 11 and January 21
· Chuck – Starting now, 5 episodes from Season 2 will go live every 13 days until the January 10 premiere of Season 3 Yesterday I was on Hulu catching up on the past three episodes of Dollhouse which I’d missed. It was the most awesome-tastic mini-marathon ever and every episode was just so much better than I remembered the show as being. Am I just romancing what I know is now gone? (Dollhouse has been canceled by Fox.) I don’t think so, I think the show is really getting better, especially now that there is a bigger group element, and Echo has her own personality. Too bad we’ll never get to see how much farther Joss Whedon could have taken this.

I also plan to catch up on episodes of Cougar Town and Modern Family over on Hulu. The Guild! Catch up on episodes of this web-series with the amazing cast that includes Felicia Day. The Guild linkage for ya.