So, Ausiello had this to say about Eric Kripke leaving Supernatural while the show remains. “Kripke is said to be finalizing a new deal with Warner Bros. that will feature a big development component. In other words, his diminished role on Supernatural will free him up to create another awesome show.”

There are three comparisons to make. So let’s play the game of WHIIIIIICH person is Eric Kripke?

1. The Amy Sherman Palladino (Gilmore Girls) who argued over money and left her beloved show, which then had the worst season ever. Her next show (The Return of Jezebel James) was canceled.
2. The J.J. Abrahams who only wants to come up with a great idea and then move on to creating a new one. (Felicity, Alias, Lost, Fringe) Important point: J.J. has become very successful with this formula, even transitioning to movies like Star Trek.
3. The Joss Whedon. Whedon took a backseat on Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6, and the show then suffered. He tried to manage Buffy, Angel and Firefly all at the same time. The first show went downhill, the second two were canceled. Serenity, the movie based on Firefly, didn’t do all that well (though diehard fans loved it anyway). Trying again, he gave us Dollhouse. Another cancellation. Genius though he is, he has not done as well as he probably would have liked.
4. His OWN totally unique Kripke path. I think the question is, why IS he leaving? Is it because he wants to expand his empire, he really wanted the show to end as he had always said/planned/outlined but couldn’t convince the network, or what? I’d like to know his reasons. It always seemed like Ackles and Padalecki wanted to end the show because of how tired they were. But I could understand if they love their SPN family and don’t want to find new jobs/loyalty to fans/etc.

P.S. I’m including a picture from “Fallen Idols” to remind you that Supernatural has already sunk to letting Paris Hilton cameo. This is the only argument I feel I really need when I say I don’t want another season. I have LOVED this show – but every year I’m loving it a little bit less. Seasons one and two were amazing. But that amazing SPN spark hasn’t been around for a while.