Though the title is blunt and jarring, it feels very accurate.

eric and jessie game on e! review

Eric and Jessie : Game On – Eric Decker and Jessie James are spoiled, boring, and not very smart. Seem like a couple you want to root for? Yea…no.

Another episode of “Eric & Jessie: Game On” aired last night on E! In the episode, the duo traveled to the Dominican Republic for Eric to do a photoshoot. Jessie also found time to show that she can sing without autotune, and how she pushes her poor, sweet sister (Sydney James) to date anyone who looks hot. Oh, and they did a scripted “Jessie can’t golf” bit where she started grinding into her future hubby. So.Freaking.Sweet.

“Eric & Jessie: Game On” is one of the worst reality shows E! has offered. I can generally get behind just about any guilty-pleasure reality show. I’m a loyal advocate of watching HGTV and BRAVO for hours before bed. If it’s even mildly entertaining, I might keep it on my TV for noise and occasional glances. Here, it’s painful to keep Eric and Jessie on the TV. They both seem dumb, and the entire show seems more forced and scripted than “The Hills.” Plus, we’ve all already seen a dumb, blonde bimbo making fun of herself for being inept on a newlywed series – thank you, Jessica Simpson. And she, at least, gave us that tuna fish gold!

Sorry to be so harsh, but they’re banking big time on this show and I think we, the viewers of bad reality TV, deserve better.

Photo: E!. Bad Decision to air this show: E!. Idiot for watching a second episode: Me. You can find me on Twitter @ThisJessicaRae to mock me.