The season finale of E’s latest attempt to flaunt and promote a super-couple aired this past Sunday. But will we see another season of “Eric & Jessie: Game On”? and, more importantly, if we do…should we watch?

eric and jessie game on e! review

Eric and Jessie : Game On

I can’t speak for you, but I’ve made my decision.

See how I came to it with my (mixed) pro/con list!

Eric and Jesssie, Season 2?

  • They are so rich. Ugh! There’s always an immediate dislike of people SO rich, right? Or am I the only one willing to fess up to being shallow?
  • Why would you be “Jessie” if your last name is James? Isn’t that disrespectful? And weird? Why not be, “Jessica”? IT’S A GOOD NAME, AHEM.
  • Well, they do seem really, truly in love. It isn’t fake at all.
  • Their PDA is insane. They are practically having sex in public.
  • They’re both such hams.
  • I like the little sister, Sydney, more, than the main couple.
  • Anyone who sends pictures of their boyfriend’s wiener to their Mom can’t be totally sane. Of course, totally sane is boring.
  • Well, who wouldn’t want to be this rich, beautiful, happy couple?
  • I do really respect true love.
  • Sometimes things seem tacky.
  • They share a great sense of humor.
  • I really admire the relationship Jessie has with her sister and her Mom.
  • I really love the decor in their bedrooms. White Anthropologie-style ruffles! Pink and yellow bedding! GIRLY AND ROMANTIC. (I’m going on Pinterest, brb.)
  • They embrace family, and I like that a lot.
  • Isn’t this just “The Newlyweds” redux? There’s the pretty, talented country singer with curves, and the hunky guy who’s more sensible. That’s Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey all over again.
  • I have to acknowledge I’m jealous of how happy they are. And her waist. Definitely jealous of how tiny Jessie’s waist is.
  • I’m also jealous of how easily they seem to be happy, and how they embrace and flaunt it. But I don’t want to be jealous of people who show how happy they are. That’s on me. Being comfortable with happiness is something not enough of us are!
  • Being stopped to take photos all the time is probably super annoying.
  • But they’re really like…taking advantage of these paparazzi style moments. Hike your skirt down, girl.
  • Jessie is beautiful, but I wish she’d wear a lighter lip color when she does smokey eyes.
  • Eric sometimes seems like a dud, but then his humor comes out and he’s not boring anymore.
  • Southern people seem awesome. I want a crawfish. Which is apparently spelled, “crayfish.”

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You know. I would watch more episodes. Seeing them on a baby journey would be fun. Jessie Decker will be a fun preggers lady. And Eric Decker is sweetie. PLUS, Sydney is my gal!

So, yes. I would watch ore of “Eric & Jessie: Game On.” Would you?