Episodes is the new original Showtime series starring Matt Leblanc (Friends.) As I’ve had a chance to view the entire series already, I thought this would be a good time for me to share my thoughts with you.

episodes showtime matt leblanc

The short summary of Episodes goes like this: “A husband-and-wife writing team attempt to re-work their British hit for Hollywood success. They’re less than thrilled to learn that the erudite headmaster role will be Matt LeBlanc’s comeback casting.”

Overall, I found this an enjoyable show. I liked the first few episodes more than the last few. But I am curious to see how a season 2 would go. The tone of the show is a dark comedy, but the first few episodes have a lighter sense bout them, while the latter episodes are very dark.

The first thing I noticed is that Matt Leblanc in his Joey (Friends) role and in this role (which is “himself”) remind me of Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Leblanc has aged with noticeable gray hair, but his face is the same familiar face I remembered.

I was unfamiliar with the other two leads (who I believe are much more famous in the UK) but warmed up to them instantly. They’re impressive from the first few moments you see them interacting. Oh – their names would be helpful, wouldn’t it? Stephen Mangan plays Sean Lincoln and Tamsin Greig plays Beverly Lincoln.

Comedy has to be done well, or not done at all. But the trio who head up this show do know how to do comedy.

The first episode is fun because you hear lots of English slang that you don’t normally hear if you aren’t watching British shows. For instance, I heard: loganberries, taking the piss, stonking and mad all used.

The title of this show, which was earlier titled something like Sunshine, is not one I’m a fan of. In this era of Google-everything, it’s incredibly hard to Google for results about this show. I understand the idea behind what Episodes means, but it doesn’t feel weighty enough.

Through watching the series, you’ll definietly be wondering one thing: Is Ricky Gervais going to watch this? (Get it? Because of The Office? The British version and the American version? Because we remade it? Yea, you got it.)

Episodes Quotes for Episode One:

“Uh oh, she’s giving me the wife look.” – Merc

“Fuck, my Grandmother lives in New Jersey and hates black people.” – Merc

“You’re already there, aren’t you? My God. You’re having brunch with Angelina Jolie. You’re starting to tan. Aren’t you?” – Beverly

“…our friends are here.” – Beverly
“Who would you miss?” – Sean
“…we need better friends.” – Beverly

(Whined) “I’d have to drive.” – Beverly
“There’s that pioneer spirit!” – Sean

(Seeing the house) “Our show’s not this good.”

“I can’t…help me…”
“You’re articulating it perfectly.”

“Feel that sunshine!” – Sean
“Of course – ” – Beverly
“- Don’t say ‘skin cancer’!” – Sean

Episodes will premiere on January 9th, 2010 along with the new show Shameless with William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum.

Episodes airs Sundays on Showtime. Visit the Official Episodes Website, and stay up to date with our Episodes Coverage.