Well, my list of things I liked about the 2010 Emmy’s is much longer. But there were certainly a few things I didn’t love. Take a moment to see my list of things I liked, and then add to either list via the comments section. Let’s share our Emmy experiences (for good or bad.) And also, share that cake you’re eating…it looks delicious, is that homemade?

Old Navy commercials. The Old Navy Famous Jeans creepy commercial with “The Booty Reader.” Does anyone even shop there anymore?

Twitter fail. Twitter totally shutting down on me because everyone was on it (I know, I’m greedy to want this free service to work when I want it to – but dammit, I want it to work!) I was live-tweeting the Emmy’s for a while, but then I kept seeing the fail whale and it seemed fruitless to try.

Constant thank-you’s. People always want to thank everyone they know when they get up there – professionally and personally. I get it. But I wish everyone could agree not to do thank-you’s on stage, and they would give a speech that could be more meaningful to the general population. Just…have them talk about something other than giving a list of names. Well, I don’t know. I feel bad to even suggest this because it’s their right. But don’t you sometimes get bored by the thank-you’s?

Promo’s for bad shows. Endless promo’s for NBC’s new shows: Chase, The Event, Outsourced and The Undercovers. I only plan to watch Undercovers. I mean, Outsourced looks more than dumb, it looks racist.

The Memorial. I thought it was lovely, but it didn’t happen very smoothly. Jewel was singing a beautiful song and it seemed like people couldn’t tell whether they should clap or be silent for the entire song. A lot of me hopes people won’t clap during those things because I feel so bad for the people who are related or know someone we see and they hear that no one else is really clapping for them. I have very complicated feelings about this!

Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham’s bit. They presented together and Fallon did a whole thing about linking their names. I was totally waiting for a cute moment where Perry would say, “Or you could just say we’re also dating.” Unless they’ve broken up? But I doubt they would be presenting together then. Anyway, I always have such high hopes for Graham, and their bit didn’t really get much applause.

Yikes! I didn’t see… The moment where I realize there’s far too many mini-series I haven’t seen this year.

True Blood countdown clock. The Emmy’s kept saying “The cast of True Blood is coming up” and this began about an hour before they ever appeared. Geez. Manipulative much? They even had a countdown clock – not for anyone else – but the TB cast appearance. So weird. I like TB, but not more than anything else in the world.

The Jennie O commercials. Who care about lean turkey THAT much? One commercial said, “I’m proud I got them off the couch.” Why put that in a commercial? People are all sitting on their couches when they see it! Are they trying to guilt people into feeling bad and buying their turkey?

We don’t get to go to the after parties!

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