Rapper Eminem

Rapper Eminem

Am I the only one asking why there is even a “feud” between Mariah Carey, Eminem and Nick Cannon? I mean, when her “Obsessed” video debuted on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” I was like, “Why is she making fun of Eminem? Isn’t he some weird urine-bottling recluse now?” I can’t decide if I’m just woefully behind the times or if it’s just the fact that I literally could not care less about Eminem, Mariah Carey OR Nick Cannon. Probably a little of both.

However, the feud is heating up as Eminem has released “The Warning,” a new song in which he claims to have “enough dirt on you to murder you,” in reference to Mariah. He also claims in the song to have slept with her once and that she has an “alcoholic mind.”

Nick Cannon jumped in the fray to defend his woman by saying he wants to meet up with Eminem to “deal with this like adults.” Nick also claimed Eminem never got to “second base” with his wife.

Maybe they can have a drum-off.

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