Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is the girl with the double infinity tattoo. She’s also the girl with a expensive game-plan for Revenge on ABC’s hit series.

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Double Infinity Tattoo Collage Image credit: ABC, Screencaps, Small Screen Sccoop

If you are inspired by the Emily Thorne tattoo but lack the pain management to go under a needle, consider a double infinity temporary tattoo, or a double infinity bracelet.

Due to Revenge’s importance on the double infinity symbol and subsequent reveal of that as a tattoo on the lead character seems to have directly influenced many fans. A quick search on tumblr shows that many in the Revenge fandom have been inspired to get a similar tattoo, or lust after it. (Hey, some of us are not fans of permanent images on our body!) Helpful commenters and inspired creators then suggest alternative items. For fans, it’s all part of showing support and devotion to this TV show.

Let’s take a look at what’s available…

P.S. Interested in Double Infinity Rings?

Credit link to Amazon for the double infinity temporary tattoos is above.

revenge double infinity

Credit link for the double infinity bracelet is above.

Double Infinity bracelet via Etsy from JBExclusivesBridal.

double infinity jewelry

Double Infinity jewelry piece via Etsy from RoyalCountess.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of all you might find. Sometimes you can specifically include “revenge” in your search for even better results (as we found on eBay and Etsy.) But whether you are inked or adorned, it’s clear that this symbol has a renewed popularity since Emily Thorne came into our lives.

Revenge season 2 premieres TONIGHT on ABC.

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