Emily Maynard is our new Bachelorette for 2012, and who will score that coveted first date? Could it be someone we already know?

While watching the 2012 Oscars, a promo for The Bachelorette aired. Not that the show needs to remind people to tune in (it’s hugely popular everywhere, duh) the preview definitely sparked some drama. Emily’s first date is with someone that we’ll “never guess” – apparently. But who could it be? While it would be romantic for it to be Brad Womack (although, also redundant) it seems like Bachelorette spoilers indicate it’ll be Bentley from Ashley Heberts season. What! The scumbag?

If you remember, when Bentley saw that Ashley was The Bachelorette he said he wished it had been Emily. But after seeing how horrible he was to Ashley, will Emily even consider him? We hope not. But what do you want to happen if it really is Bentley who’s waiting for her?

P.S. The real “first date” seems like it will be with Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Hebert, as they tell her what to expect.