Although there’s certainly some competition, in just one episode Emily Owens M.D. managed to really charm us with its charming, honest voiceovers.

Emily Owens M.D. premiered Tuesday night on The CW.

The cast of Emily Owens M.D. has been well picked. Mamie Gummer as the insecure, relatable title character feels refreshingly normal for a leading character. She practically sings with talent in even the most subtle of movements – like the way her character unravels a scarf from her neck. Justin Hartley has never been more swoonworthy than in this bespectacled role. Of course, Michael Rady isn’t letting Hartley steal the entire crush quotient. He’ll be a worthy competitor for Emily’s heart.

The narration on the series could have easily become a tired technique, but the voice of Emily is so unpretentious, genuine and entertaining that we’d actually be on board for even more voiceover in future episodes.

What might sink the show is the fact that this show is targeted to teenagers rather than adults. Will a younger audience care about this non-fantasy based show? And will watered down concepts scare off an older, busy audience?

We’re rooting for creator Jennie Snyder and her new show.

What did you think of Emily Owens M.D.? What are your own Emily Owens M.D. reviews?

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill – The CW