I honestly didn’t know she had this in her. But Emily Maynard has grown (or is at least now showing) some balls.

During The Bachelorette’s “The Men Tell All” special, Emily Maynard met with all the men she’d sent home packing. Including Kalon. She immediately chastised Kalon, and rightly so. The best Emily Maynard quote ever happened here. I was surprised, and felt triumphant on her behalf. She said, “You, my dear, should be a politician,” she says in a telling voice, “because that is the biggest load of (expletive) I’ve ever heard.”

And then, ladies and gentlemen, the second best Emily Maynard quote arrives. “The true sign of class and character is to go back and say, ‘I’m really sorry I did that.’ I just hope that you find faith in something bigger than your Prada shoes and your rented helicopter.” Way to go, girl.

It’s not that I am advocating that Emily be rude to anyone, but with Kalon it was well deserved. And Emily has always been so mild mannered that it’s nice to see she really will stick up for herself, and her daughter. She’s a tough Southern girl.

The Bachelorette 2012 finale (Sunday) will take a whopping three hours. Do you think you can take that much heartbreak and drama? You? Of course you can!

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