Is Emily Maynard as sweet and down-to-earth as she seems on The Bachelorette?

emily maynard fake teethUS Weekly’s most recent issue has uncovered some “shocking secrets” about Maynard. They have four major claims:

Nose Job! Breast Implants! Fake Teeth!: Sources say she went under the knife prior to taping Womack’s season in 2010, and now has breast implants, veneers and likely a nose job. One source be­lieves Maynard is inse­cure after developing Bell’s palsy as a teen. – US Weekly
Our Verdict: She’s naturally gorgeous. In comparing older pictures to her current image, it looks like she’s just got more professional make-up on.

She has a temper: “Maynard has admitted that her relationship post-The Bachelor with Brad Womack was marred by ‘knock-down, drag-out fights.’ After the two split in June 2011 and she was tapped to be the Bachelor­ette, ‘she got difficult,’ says a show source.  That attitude rears its head in the episode airing June 11. Maynard goes off the rails when she learns that con­testant Kalon McMahon, 27, referred to her daughter as ‘baggage.’” – US Weekly
Our Verdict: You can’t blame one person for a break-up. And Womack seemed to be the one at fault, if anyone was. And if someone called your kid “baggage” wouldn’t you get defensive and pissed off? We’re glad she stands up for herself!

She’s at odds with [daughter] Ricki’s grandparents: As Us previously reported, Hen­drick’s parents are “livid” Maynard decided to do a second round. “When Em­ily went on The Bachelor, they weren’t pleased, but they supported her,” says a family source. “Now they’re not speaking.” – US Weekly
Our Verdict: This is likely true, but they’re from an older generation and are probably the least likely to understand the appeal of reality TV.

She likes the finer things in life: “Emily is a bit of a social climber,” says a Maynard source. “She has dated some heavy hitters, and she started to get a bad reputation around town. She’s well-liked now, but it did take a while.” After Hendrick died in 2004 (he was worth a re­ported $15 million at the time), Maynard dated coun­try singers Jake Owen, 30, and Jerrod Niemann, 32, and was also linked to race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., 37, in early 2006. – US Weekly
Our Verdict: It might be true. Have you seen her house on the show? It’s HUGE.