Some of us call them JEM (Jef/Emily) but they call themselves Dean and Dolly.

emily maynard ring

Emily Maynard and Jef (with one f) Holm visited Jimmy Kimmel. Maynard wore her long blonde hair straight and smooth, a simple, body-conscious dress that showed plenty of cleavage, and glossy nude platform pumps.

“It wasn’t just going on helicopter rides, and climbing waterfalls,” Jef said right away about how all the dates they went on during The Bachelorette weren’t always fun. Need a reminder? What about that etiquette class. I mean, no one even likes scones!

Kimmel also wanted to know about Jef’s thinking behind not going into the fantasy suite? “I thought afterwards we’d be able to spend the rest of our lives in our own little fantasy suite.” And have they yet? Good question! Although, invasive!….

“Absolutely not, we’re not married,” Emily interjected. But Jef made a face, so perhaps that was sarcasm. It was hard to tell, especially with both of their high morals.

The pair has been hiding out as a couple since May 2012. And there woudl be handlers aka babysitters with them whenever they were out together. Otherwise, they had to stay inside “the house.” Kimmel joked that it was house arrest.

So what does Ricki think? She loves it. And how did they keep her quiet about Jef? They called him Dean! And she was Dolly, like Dolly Parton. That’s incredibly clever.

Kimmel mentioned how unusual it was that Jef and Arie Luyendyk Jr. are now still such good friends. And Emily is maybe not a major fan of it. But will he be in the wedding party? “Maybe,” Jef said.

“We clearly have some discussion to do,” Emily said with a knowing tone.

As for the bachelor party, Emily wants Jef’s “nice, sweet, married brother” to be in charge of that. Definitely not Arie.

Jef took a moment to clarify that when Arie went back for Emily and left his journal for her, he didn’t know she was engaged to Jef. Arie thought Emily hadn’t picked anyone. Normally you’d call BS on that, but Arie is such a sweet guy, I totally believe that’s legit. (And I love the idea that Arie loved Emily so much he couldn’t just let her go without a fight! And the way Jef is so mature about it all makes me start to like him even more… ugh, so much love!)

It was nice to see the pair interact together, and see Jef joking around a bit more than we saw on The Bachelorette.

Emily’s been picking out all sorts of things for the wedding, including her first dance song. Joking about how involved Jef will be she quipped, “He’ll be there.”

Doesn’t Jef plan? “I do plan. I say yes to everything!” he joked. And listen, Emily has already started thinking about weddings twice (for good reason), so now she really deserves to have a great big bash that she’ll love!

As a gift, Jimmy gave Jef a steel F for display. Very nice.

Emily Maynard is not the bachelorette any more, she’s getting married! And do you think it’ll work this time? Don’t you hope it does? Much as I am a skeptic about these situations, I can’t help but fall under the JEM (Jef/Emily) influence. Damn you all for convincing me how cute they are!

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