This story about Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk Jr. being such good pals sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Emily Maynard noticeably bristles a bit more when Arie’s name is mentioned, and now we might know why.

On Friday, the newest issue of Us Weekly is going to run a very interesting piece that we know you’ll want to read.

The piece says that Emily did share a night in the fantasy suite with Arie. The source says that Arie stormed off and screamed, “You just slept with me! It wasn’t shown on TV.”

And that’s not all!

Allegedly, Emily and Arie did have a final date. And Arie also asked to meet Ricki (which makes sense, of course that was the plan.) Apparently, the source says that Jef Holm convinced Emily not to let Ricki meet Arie. So the choice was easy to make!

“She was truly in love with two good people. It wasn’t clear-cut,” says a show source. Until Holm spent time with Ricki. He begged Maynard to meet the child — and doled out a little parenting advice. “Jef told Emily she shouldn’t allow Ricki to meet Arie because it would confuse her,” says the Luyendyk source. Apparently, Maynard agreed. Though viewers saw her tearfully tell host Chris Harrison the morning after that she was going to break up with Luyendyk instead of enduring a final date, the Luyendyk source shares a different version of events. Maynard, according to the source, did attend the date with Luyendyk — who also asked her to meet Ricki. When she declined, says the source, “he knew she wouldn’t pick him, and left.” In a creative twist, the source says producers then taped the chat between Maynard and Harrison to make it seem as if she intended to dump him. Says the source, “It was edited.” (A show rep had no comment.)

What do you guys think about all of this? What little bits of truth do you think are true in all of these allegations? Do you trust The Bachelorette enough to think they’d never manipulate or edit things?

Review Questions

  1. Was Arie in the fantasy suite?
  2. Did Arie and Emily sleep together?
  3. Did Arie ask to meet Ricki?
  4. Did Jef tell Emily not to let Arie meet Ricki?
  5. Did Emily and Arie go on their final date?
  6. Are Arie and Jef really good friends or is that a lie?
  7. Does it bother Emily, if they are good friends?

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