You know that girl who is REALLY athletic and REALLY pretty and she makes you REALLY jealous? Well, that’s Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) from Pretty Little Liars. You’ll find her at Rosewood High swimming laps or admiring the girl next door. Yes, you read that right. And being herself just makes the fans and Rosewood love her even more. Em can be the sweetest person you’ll ever meet or she can show a hint of biotch-iness when needed. Take a look at these quotes from seasons 1 & 2 and determine Emily’s character for yourself:

The Best Emily Fields Quotes

emily pretty little liars

10.) “Not everyone dreams of making it in Rosewood, Mom. Some people dream of making it out.”

Maybe Caleb had the right idea (just kidding, my heart totally melted when he came back for Hanna). Let’s just say if I had a creepy text-messaging stalker, I’d be on the first bus out of Rosewood.

9.) “That’s a big box for an ear.”

After that whole “I’m going to give you these creepy dolls that will send you on your own individual life-ruining missions and eventually get the four of you caught by the cops” scheme, don’t you wish (just a little bit) that an ear had been in the box?

8.) “I mean, we all know she’s dead. Right?”

Shhh, Emily, you’re totally not supposed to say that. Your friends and family will give you weird looks even though they believe Alison is dead too.

7.) “If lying was a crime, we’d all be in jail.”

Oh Emily, this is only the second episode of season 2. Just wait until the summer finale. You may be surprised.

6.) Hanna: “Is this a gay thing?”

Emily: “No, it’s a brain thing.”

Hanna, since when did going to the library to have some peace and quiet to study become a gay thing? I’ll forgive you for assuming… this time.

5.) Aria: “Whoever said the truth will set you free never met ‘A.’”

Emily: “Jesus. … It’s from the Bible. Jesus said it.”

Wouldn’t you love to hear the conversation between Jesus and A? “A’s” got some ‘splainin ta do!

4.) “Can we get out of here? My goosebumps are getting goosebumps.”

Jason creeps us out a little bit too, Emily. And it didn’t help that he had pictures of Aria hanging everywhere. But I think deep down, he’s very genuine and sweet. Fingers crossed!

3.) “Could you please move your stick? There are people trying to get past you.”

Now there’s the Emily Fields we all know and love! Em has just had enough and Jenna gets a taste of her bad-A side. Jenna, you better move your stick before you get slapped again.

2.) “Hello Maya.”

THE GREETING HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD. Marlene King talked about it. Shay Mitchell talked about it. Fans talked about it. I never knew that two simple words could bring a smile to so many faces. Anyone’s goosebumps getting goosebumps?

1.)“I didn’t come out of the closet. I fell out… on my face.”

Dear Emily,

We, the fans, are glad you are no longer hiding in the closet and we all love you for who you are. Oh, by the way, even after taking that fall, your face is still flawless.

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family with a special Halloween episode on October 19 and we finally get to see more of Emily’s relationship with Alison. And I cannot wait to see how Emily’s love square turns out when season 2B starts back up in January. Maya’s back in Rosewood, Samara is probably playing poker with her posse waiting for an apology, and there are rumors that Paige may return. Good luck, Em, and keep up the good lines!

Written by Jaymie Bailey. Find her on Twitter @AllThingsPLL – where half of the PLL cast/crew follows her!

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