On Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) bedroom is the sweetest of them all. Everywhere you look you’ll be met with the warm hue of sunny yellows and peaceful greens. The walls themselves have a traditional white wainscoting on the bottom, and are also painted a buttery yellow. It’s hard to feel mellow in a room like this.

The white, wrought iron bed has a vintage appeal to it. A semi-lacy dust ruffle gives it feminine flair. The Pretty Little Liars bedding for Emily is a yellow quilt. This makes her bedding the easiest to copy!

Moving to the wooden desk, the chair doesn’t match – but has been spray painted (or was already) white and has a hot pink seat. The chair is where Emily often puts her purses. Wicker baskets sit on top of the work area, along with various odds and ends.

Accessories in the room include a white polka dot pillow, a blue and green striped chair, a window seat area, white butterfly art on the walls, a green lamp, a sunflower poster, a framed bulletin board with awards pinned to it, picture frames in every color from whites to pinks, and a large white scrollwork piece of art.

To copy Emily Fields bedroom you’ll want to represent her color palette of yellows and whites but also mix in greens and little pops of pink and purple. Emily’s desk only looks cluttered because of all the picture frames, so try to store everything in nice wicker baskets inside your closet. Showing off achievements is important to Emily (especially when it comes to swimming), so whatever is important to you should have a strong presence in your room. If you can get any white wrought iron pieces, that will help you in re-creating this look.

Emily is all about a sense of clean comfort. It’s not exactly minimal, but it is apparent that she’s the daughter of an army man!

pretty little liars bedding

The above is from Ikea 2011. I feel like these also represent Emily a lot.

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