On American Idol season 10, amidst the people dressed as Transformers and prostitutes, there was one girl with a guitar who sparkled the brightest without any gimmicks. Her name? Emily Anne Reed.

Emily Anne Reed gave the show a sad story about how her home was lost in a fire just one week ago. She sang  “You’re Getting to Be a Habit With Me”, adding that it was a song by Harry Warren . I love when the vocalists assume that the judges might not know more obscure (read: Old and/or Classicmusic.) It looked like Jennifer Lopez was going to spank her for that, but Reed’s voice made her pause.

While decidedly not commercial, Emily Anne’s voice is very beautiful. Steven Tyler gave her a no, but Lopez and Randy Jackson both loved her. When Reed then played guitar and sang once more, this swayed Tyler to a “yes.” We’ll see her in Hollywood, but how far will she get? American Idol sometimes takes on singer-songwriters and people with a defined niche, but do you think America has musical taste this good?

Video of Emily Anne Reed: