I’m pretty miffed that PROJECT RUNWAY decided to keep Emilio Sosa on the show when his model was basically naked. Instead, they sent home another designer (Jesse Lenoir) whose design wasn’t even THAT bad! It was like a silver tutu – and I like tutu’s! I’d rather wear a silver tutu than a hideous torn macrame swimsuit. Of course, they judges can only go by what the contestants tell them. Knowing he’d run out of time and materials, Sosa went to the runway and lied. Rather than admit the truth, he said he “knew everyone would be making a dress and wanted to make something different”. So suddenly he’s a risk taker and not someone who poorly misjudged everything. And the judges KEPT referencing that as a reason to keep him.

And while Sosa was a mess, Lenoir actually had design elements to his dress and his hairpiece was very clever! Did Sosa even have an accessory (a mandatory part of the challenge)?

jesse lenoir tutu

emilio sosa bikini

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