ellen-oprah-coverOprah Winfrey has a magazine and she’s on the cover of it every month – blah blah blah. It’s a big deal. She pretty much never shares the cover. She’s actually only done it once before – letting First Lady Michelle Obama share the magazine cover spotlight. But now Oprah has let Ellen on the cover, too. Rejoice!

Ellen DeGeneres is a woman who can make things happen. When she decided she wanted to be on the cover of O, she pulled out all the stops. It worked—for oprah-and-michelle-obamaonly the second time in O history, this December, I’m sharing the cover with a woman I adore.” — Oprah

Of course, you can’t help but note how Oprah has positioned herself high above Ellen on the cover. Personally, I think Ellen DeGeneres is downright charming and amazing. But it takes a lot to make Oprah give up something she’s earned and decided she wants to be hers and her alone. Do you really think Oprah was won over by Ellen’s efforts, or did she just not want to look bad in the public spotlight by denying her? Either way, this issue of O Magazine will probably be a huge seller.

You can get your hands on the December issue of O with Ellen on the cover on November 12th.