Elle Macpherson is as overwhelmingly sweet and classy as you secretly hope she isn’t. And she’s even willing to share her style secrets.

Want to know her Supermodel tips? Photo: NBC

We had the pleasure of speaking with fashion powerhouse (and supermodel, producer, host…) on Tuesday afternoon, before another great episode of the hit Fashion Star would air that night on NBC. We’re already fans, as you know. And we wanted to know more about how Macpherson manages to look so flawless. She laughed if off, citing that half of the reason for that was professional lighting.

But it’s true that she’s a beauty. And she’s mentioned that she isn’t interested in changing how she looks so much as building the “right environment” to present herself within. So, how can an everyday woman translate that advice to daily life? It’s all about paying attention to the pro’s. (It’s not cheating!)

“I feel that finding styles that work for you and sticking to them is a really healthy way of looking your best at all times. And, you know, what’s wonderful about Fashion Star is if you look at these designers every week and you watch the girls walk down the runway you get a hint on how to wear the clothes; not only what to wear but how to wear them.”

Macpherson went on to give examples. “So, you know, what kind of hair and makeup are they teeming with that dress? What kind of shoe are they teeming with that dress? So by watching others and trying new things on yourself, you know, by trying new things we can get a total look. And when you get a total look that works you can kind of apply it to different outfits.”

(The title for all Elle Macpherson pieces should be “angel on earth.” That’s how nice and grounded she is.)

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