courtesy Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Eliza Dushku - courtesy Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Anyone else majorly ready to watch Dollhouse to night? I am. Eliza Dushku recently talked to TV Guide about her role of Caroline/Echo. The premise for Dollhouse is really amazing, but it’s hard to have character development with no actual personality inhabiting ‘Echo’. The first season of Dollhouse had Echo as a childlike blank slate.

Because Joss Whedon is all kinds of genius, I’m sure he had already planned out what would happen in the season finale, and always knew this was the direction he wanted to go in for Echo.

Eliza Dushku seems happy about this, but she’s always been ready to embrace any challenges…

“She had all of the personalities downloaded into her in one swift punch, and they’re not going away,” she says. “Overall, she’s really absorbing things from her engagements, and from the dollhouse, and she’s really becoming self-aware. Not necessarily as Caroline, but as Echo.  … She’s starting to gain control of the personalities, and there’s something grounding about that and something really strong about that. “

So it seems like there will be who Caroline was, but ALSO this new person being born/made e.g. Echo. Kinda cool. I’m ready to see where this new season of Dollhouse takes us. I’m also uber looking forward to seeing Felicia Day guest star.

You asked… Q: How do you pronounce Dushku? A: Like Push-ku! “Rhymes with push-koo; I always say it sounds like a breakfast cereal.” – Eliza Dushku