It was time for two more women to go home on The Bachelor 2014 last night.

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Who Left the Bachelor Last night? The Bachelor 2014 Eliminated…

Who was eliminated on The Bachelor last night? Elise Mosca, Lauren Solomon

Why was Elise Mosca eliminated?
She’s best described as “the girl with the dead Mom” in order to keep all the backstories straight. Yikes. But she was relying too much on her Mom’s instruction without trying to work for it once she was there.

Why was Lauren Solomon eliminated? First off: LAUREN IS AMAZING AND I LIKE HER. She got the wrong end of the stick! Now… what happened is that she got really emotional when the domino fell down tonight.  Juan Pablo had been kissing plenty of other women, but when Renee brought up his daughter, he suddenly decided it wasn’t a good example to kiss more girls. (Meaning, if he hasn’t kissed you yet, good luck being added to the list.) Not knowing Juan Pablo’s latest “no kissing” rule, Lauren took it really personal when he wouldn’t kiss her on the group date. She thought it was probably all about her. And she kind of broke down, and pointed out he’d kissed other girls. With all the tears and drama that follows, Juan Pablo decided he didn’t want anything about that situation. Which is really too bad.

The Bachelor 2014 spoilers! We think that you should pay attention to: Cassandra Ferguson, Clare Crawley, Sharleen Joynt (These might be Juano Pablo’s final 3)

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