Yesterday, Elizabeth Hasselbeck referred to Kathy Griffin as straight-up “scrum” on The View. Griffin had jokingly referred to Scott Brown‘s daughters as “prostitutes” on her Bravo TV show. (His daughters are 19 and 20 years old.)

“Just to call a woman a prostitute as a joke is disrespectful,” Hasselbeck said. Whoopi Goldberg backed her up, “Listen, if somebody talked about my daughter as a joke like that, I would beat their ass. So you can’t be surprised that Scott Brown took offense to it.”

Sherri Shepard tried to diffuse the situation, saying they shouldn’t fuel the fire. This prompted a cross-armed Hasselbeck to reply, “You defend your daughter’s against scum who come after them.”

“Are you calling Kathy ‘scum’ now?” Joy Behar asked Hasselbeck.

“In general, if someone called your daughter a prostitute wouldn’t you think they’d be scum?” retorted Hasselbeck. “I’d call them scum if they (called one of my daughters one.)”

“I know my daughter’s not a prostitute, so it’s funny to me,” said Behar.

Goldberg suggested jokes be put only on Scott, not his daughters. “Remember comics, we know better than anyone else…we can say what we want, but sometimes the giant jaw comes and grabs our behinds and chews it up.” she warned.