"Big Brother" houseguest Braden

"Big Brother" houseguest Braden

It was time for another round of eliminations on FOX’s “So You Think You can Dance” and time for the very first eviction on CBS’s “Big Brother.”

For full recaps, check out SYTYCD and Big Brother at Zap2It. Meanwhile, on SYTYCD it was Randi and Kupono’s time to head home. I was disappointed in Kupono’s elimination. Evan is just not the dancer the other guys are and he wasn’t even in the Bottom 2. It’s a real shame. However, the voting public did get it right with the women. Randi is the weakest female dancer left and rightly went home.

On “Big Brother,” Braden was eliminated despite some last-ditch efforts by his clique to save him. In the end, Chima stayed and Braden took off. I’m not sad, he really rubbed me the wrong way.

As for the new HOH, the weasel himself in Ronnie won. My, how the tides turn in the “Big Brother” house. If he doesn’t nominate Jessie and Russell, I will be really disappointed.

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