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Okay, it’s not a secret that Edward Norton is not only fantastically talented (sorry, but have you SEEN Fight Club?) but also pretty handsome. He’s not even handsome in what I’d call a conventional way, but he is sexy. Anyway, this isn’t the point. The point is that he can also look so endearingly cute – plus he is a major sweetheart. Okay, and I really do sound like a sixth grade girl, but it’s okay!

Norton was on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about the New York Marathon. He’s running the marathon (and training) with three Maasi warriors. They are running for MWCT which is dedicated to protecting the Maasai homeland.

Something that caught my attention was the pictures Kimmel showed of Norton doing yoga with the other Maasai warriors (who were laughing at him – at least  in one picture). The pictures are sososo cute, with Norton looking somewhat awkward – though very physically fit. After I saw this I tweeted that I would get those pictures as my desktop photo because they made me smile. But, gasp, how would I ever find them? Well, when my friend @ITveee shared that she also liked the pictures, my mission was clear. I needed to find these pictures! I am a fan of smiling and it’s not always something that comes easy to me. So I hunted down the pictures. And Ilana? I dedicate this post to you! I love people who are as into TV as I know that I am.

You can see one picture of Norton doing yoga on his Twitter account. And the Maasai Marathon website has the others on the ‘behind the scenes‘ section. I am just posting one here, but you can easily find the others – and it will lead you to the website which is really worth a visit.

Check out (a website which is really cool and was actually designed by Norton’s girlfriend, Shauna). You can also go to the Puma website and buy a Maasai T-shirt (with 50% of the proceeds going to the cause). Also check out updates on Edward Norton’s Twitter.

You can watch Edward Norton on Jimmy Kimmel below the jump: