Today can’t be a good day for Eddie Cibrian who played Cardoza on CSI: Miami. Did you catch the past-tense way I phrased that? Read on, because we need to talk.

Eddie Cibrian / CBSCBS has let go of Eddie Cibrian, releasing him from his contract with the show CSI: Miami. Ausiello reported this, and also mentioned that a CBS declined to comment about this, but “a source close to the show confirms that Cibrian’s contract option has not been picked up.” Talk about a bummer. This comes just after learning that CBS has let go of both A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds. Despite petitions to keep these actresses on the show, it seems doubtful that CBS will change their collective minds.

Would you prefer CBS to someone cut its budget with their location shots and other expenses, or do you think that cutting cast members was a better move? This seems like quite a bit of Spring – er, Summer cleaning.

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