Ed Westwick is protective of his Gossip Girl castmates, especially Taylor Momsen. Ed told Australia’s NW Magazine that, “I think they’re all good in their own way. They’re all very different, you know. I mean obviously Taylor’s a bit too young but the others are all good in their own way.” Westwick is 23, while Momsen is just 16-years-old.

Ed Westwick in Sydney, Australia / Ph: ed-westwick.org

It’s hard to believe Momsen is, in fact, still so young. But if you look at pictures of her from Gossip Girl season one the transformation to where she is now has been major. Westwick has noticed this, for sure. He added, “I was looking at a picture of her from the start of Gossip Girl, then the current ones, and it’s like, er, two different people. I think she’s experimenting with a certain look, maybe she’s doing a band thing, so I think maybe some of her idols that she looks up to – whether it be Joan Jett or something like that – maybe she’s using them as a reference for her dress.” Is that a hint of polite distaste we hear?

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Momsen might not be wild about Westwick’s character style, as Chuck Bass has been spotted in Paris using a cane and wearing some very mature looking pinstripe suits and vests as Westwick films for Gossip Girl season 4 alongside Clemence Poesy.