Because we’re halfway through our Dancing with the Stars journey, the show has to come up with new ways to fill up the two hours they no longer need. Last night was TV Theme Week, but first the judges gave a rundown of each dancers potential and their best dance so far.

Something disappointing about season 11 is that we basically know who will win (I mean, come on) – Jennifer Grey! Second place will likely go to Audrina Patridge, and Brandy might get third. Meanwhile. the winner of my first ever DWTS crush goes to Mark Ballas! My least favorite? Maks! (Jerk alert.) After a half-hour had gone by, the dancers were finally introduced and the dancing was ready to begin…after five more minutes. Augh!

Brandy and Maks: They danced the quickstep to the theme from “Friends.” In describing the dance, Brandy said she liked it because it’s about how she is with her friends, and Maks is with his friends. Interesting that she didn’t say how they were with each other (hint: they’re not very friendly.) The dance was energetic and on a  technical level I liked it. But the performance… I could sense tension. But the judges LOVED it. Carrie Ann called upon the sage wisdom about how what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and Brandy had become stronger. Len said this was Brandy’s best dance so far. At the end of the dance, Brandy said she and Maks were now best friends but it seemed very insincere. Their score: 27

Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas: Predictably, they danced to the theme from “The Brady Bunch.” Even with colored lights, the cast in familiar blue squares, and a costume reveal, this dance was completely spastic. Bruno said she looked like a ragdoll at several moments, and she did. Carrie Ann actually liked it and called Florence a “sexy senior.” Florence defended herself saying, “You try to do the Tango to ‘The Brady Bunch’ theme.” Len told Florence she has dancing talent, and parts of her tango were good. He said it was possibly her best dance ever. I wouldn’t agree with that. Their score: 21

Kurt Warner and Anna: This was my favorite dance of the night! They danced to the TV theme from “Bewitched.”  Anna grew up in Russia and doesn’t know the show. She started talking about two cute dogs that went into space and are legendary. They had a REALLY cute routine where Anna wiggled her nose and suddenly Kurt could dance. And I think the song works in anyones favor if they want to dance to something with a nice groove. I enjoyed this dance a lot, especially because Anna’s dress had feathers at the bottom and that is my idea of the perfect ballroom dress (the bottom half, at least). Hehe. Yes, sometimes I am SUCH a girl. Their fun routine was loved by the judges as well. Carrie Ann compared Kurt to Gene Kelly. Len said it was a vast improvement from last week, and Bruno said the magic is back. Their score: 24

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani: Dancing the Rumba to the TV theme of “The Hills” the pair surprised me because in Audrina’s pink costume I thought they’d be dancing to the theme of “I Dream of Jeanie.” I don’t know what everyone sees in Audrina, she’s not such a great dancer. Len said Audrina looked a little intimidated, but did a good job. Bruno said she’s improved technically, but there was a lack of passion. “Don’t be plastic, be fantastic!” Psh, something tells me Bruno has never seen an episode of “The Hills.” Their score: (I missed it!)

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