This is part two of our Dancing with the Stars season 11 review of the TV Theme Week! If you missed part one, read it first. In part two, we cover the dances performed by celebrities Kyle Massey, Rick Fox, Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: While Kyle wanted “Baywatch” they were tasked to Foxtrot to the TV theme to “Charlie’s Angels.” There were props galore, and I really liked their ending pose. But everything inbetween…I don’t know. Bruno said Kyle brings a feel good factor, but that there wasn’t enough Foxtrot in the dance. Leave it to Carrie Ann to disagree! She saw that he was focused on the technique. Len was the one who really hated it, he said it started bad and gradually got worse. Yipes. Their score: 20

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: It was time for this duo to dance the Rumba! They had the TV theme song to “Hill Street Blues.” This dance left me cold, but Carrie Ann thought it was sexy. Bruno said, “in a week you went from Megatron to Megasmooth!”  Their score: 24

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: They had to jive to the TV theme “The Monkeys.” For the dance, the two wore monkey costumes. Seriously, you couldn’t even see their faces at first. I LOVE this song, and Palin did not do it justice. The dance was too fast for her to excuse well. I did love her shoes, however, they were like saddleshoes with heels. I absolutely had a pair of saddleshoes in grade school because I thought, for some reason, they were totally cool. Len said he liked the monkey suits, surprisingly. Bruno said he loved the gorilla’s doing The Twist, but said her technique suffered. Carrie Ann was happy to see Bristol has transformed into more of a performer – also noting she forgot a lot of the moves. Their score: 18

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Another Foxrot, and this pair had the TV theme song to “Married with Children.” (Love and marriage, love and  marriage…) Rather than dress like Peg Bundy, Grey wore a 50’s style housewife ensemble. Bruno said, “It was like watching the perfect housewife. … Beautiful.” Carrie Ann said it was GOOD, but not their best because her eyes sometimes went blank. Len said he didn’t like how theatrical it was because Grey’s such a good dancer she doesn’t need the extra nonsense. See, it’s actually a compliment! Their score: 25