It’s upon us – week 4 of Dancing with the Stars season 11! As the list of contestants still standing (or dancing) shrinks, I wonder how they’ll fill the two hours. (Don’t forget, I’m a newbie to the show.) Will the dances be longer? Who knows. One thing that I am certain about is that I can’t wait to see my favorite judge – Bruno Tonioli! He’s such a charmer. And tonight, the stars are getting scores for their performance, and for their technique. Will this work in favor for some? I think so! (Except Bristol Palin.)

The floor has been made circular for tonight, and it’s raised from the floor.  This gives everything a much more intimate feeling. That means the footwork is really, really on display! Plus, it’s the first ever acoustic week (yay!) So, let’s talk about the dancers and their dances! The dances tonight are the Argentine Tango and the sensual Rumba.

Kurt Warner and Anna: Tonight is Kurt’s 13th wedding anniversary! Kurt told the camera’s that as a married Christian man,  it felt weird to dancing sexy with another married woman. But both of their spouses came in to the rehersal and gave their blessings. They had a mellow, mellow song (Train “Drops of Jupiter”) but their dance was still uber sexy. And yes, I felt my knees going weak in a strictly metaphorical way. Warner was not afraid to shake his hips! Len said Kurt has great hip action, but he needs to work on his posture. He also said the romantic performance was just right. Bruno mentioned that the movement needed to travel more gracefully with his hands, and that it felt like brothers and sisters were dancing. Carrie Ann was the tie breaker here, and she said she really loved the performance. “You weren’t only dancing with Anna, you were dancing with all of us.” But she did say that she agreed with Bruno about the hands. Technical score: 15 / Performance score: 19. Total: 34

Brandy and Maksim: I like Brandy, but I think Maks is really rough and kind of a jerk. Brandy told the camera that she hasn’t been with anybody in 6 years (wow) and therefore doesn’t feel sexy. So, Maks took her to a bar to practice being romantic to her. They danced a sensual Rumba. It was a beautiful dance, and the song (“This Woman’s Work”) always reminds me of the Felicity soundtrack. Bruno said the pair played the dance very well, but sometimes Brandy’s hands went a bit erratic. Carrie Ann wanted to say that the real Brandy had finally shown herself and that everything was passionate. She also wants to see more strength from Brandy’s legs. Len said the performance was a little bit hot and spicy for his taste – haha. It was perfectly tame, come on! Technical Score: 22 / Performance Score: 26 / Total: 48

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke: This pair had the Argentine Tango to deal with. Rick seemed very hesitant about his moves. Carrie Ann said she didn’t feel any passion.  Len commented that the lifts they executed were excellent.  Bruno compared Rick to Clark Gable, and then Megatron (from Transformers?) Technical Score: 19 / Performance Score: 20 / Total: 39

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: It’s a Rumba for them, and Kyle was worried about making sure his footwork had improved. Len said that his footwork was much better, but it was too sharp and lacked flow. Bruno noted the performance let them play well together. Carrie Ann said there was an innocence to the performance, more so than sexual.  She told him to watch work of his upper body to stay balanced. Even though Kyle is one of the lesser stars, this pair is a fan favorite for sure. Technical Score: 18  / Performance Score: 22 / Total:  40

Continuation. (It goes up tomorrow.)