Our three dancing pairs had to work on redemption dances first. What is that? Why, it’s dances they didn’t do so well at the first time.

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: (Foxtrot) I adored this dance. It was like liquid gold. Len said, “you’ve gone from messy Massey to marvelous.” Bruno said Kyle was “slick, sharp and slinky.” Carrie Ann said she saw improvement in the footwork, and thought he was a little too focused on the footwork for the first half of the dance. Score: 27/30

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: (Jive) Her previous jive had her in a monkey costume. So there’s only room for improvement here. We heard from Bristol about how she believes she belongs in the finale, citing that she got the same Paso score as Brandy did. She wore blue sparkly dance shoes which showed off some pretty pair footwork in several places. The one thing is that she did show a little more personality. Mother Sarah Palin was in the audience to cheer on her daughter. At the end, Mark put on the gorilla mask. Bruno said, “You revealed yourself…and we all enjoyed it!” Carrie Ann said “You came out this week and were brighter and more vibrant.” But she noted her toes were not as pointed as they could have been. Len said, “last time a gorilla, and now a thrillah!” Score: 27/30

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: (Paso Doble) This was a fluid dance to enjoy watching. Jamie Lee Curtis and Melanie Griffith were there to cheer on Grey. “This is the meaning of redemption,” declared Carrie Ann. Len said there was great expression and aggression. He actually stood up and clapped for her, saying how he rarely does that. Bruno said they ignited the flames of passion, and he had an entire story worked out that sounded like a really good Harlequin romance novel plot. Score: 30/30 (Bruno said he wished he had an 11, aw!)

Next up: Freestyle Round!

Kyle Massey and Chelsea Hightower: (Freestyle) Kyle picked the song “Tootsie Roll.” Len said it was great entertainment. Bruno wanted to keep singing the song and called it, “truly explosive entertainment.” Carrie Ann dubbed Kyle the Fresh Prince of Dancing with the Stars.  Score: 30/30

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: (Freestyle) She admitted she’d never seen or heard of Chicago. …Ugh. It was very enjoyable to watch with the props and the story, although I still don’t think she’s a great dancer. Bruno said he had to give her credit for aiming so high. He finished his remarks by saying, “a good attempt.” Carrie Ann was awed that Bristol Palin was dancing in a cage. But did she really dance in the cage at all? Meh. Len said, “that was no disaster. I thought it was fantastic.” Score: 25/30 (People boo’d)

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: (Freestyle) Jennifer got to DIRTY DANCING! This was a huge crowd pleaser. They did a terrific swirl move that was amazing. Carrie Ann said it was amazing and perfect. Len said Jen was an “irresistible force.” Bruno said it was brilliant. Score: 30/30

This left Jennifer and Derek at the top, with Bristol and Mark at the bottom.