The second hour of Dancing with the Stars was all about the instant dance. What IS the instant dance, you ask? It’s when the celebrity and pro do know they style of dance and can rehearse it, but GASP they didn’t get to know the song until about 40 minutes beforehand. Now, I’m SURE that this is indeed a challenge for inexperienced dancers, but to the public it really doesn’t SOUND like that much of a problem. I’d be impressed if they had to create the entire dance in that short time period. But just not having heard the song? Eh. I’m not very moved. I WAS excited, though, hoping these would be bad dances with mix-ups. Turns out, I got excited because everyone did so well – much better than in the first hour of dances.

kyle massey dancing with the stars

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: To prepare for the instant dance, Kyle and Lacey had Stevo from Jackass to bring in distractions during practice. This meant basketballs, bubbles, and balls (as in nudity.) Len said they came out like a “pocket rocket.” Whaaat? He wanted to see more finesse, and so did I. Bruno and Carrie Ann had praise, praise, praise for the dance. The got two ten’s.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: It looks like Jennifer borrowed that not-a-dress pink outfit Audrina wore earlier. Bruno said this was a sensual, sexy and classy dance. He also used the words superb and flawless. Carrie Ann said Grey had re-claimed her power. They got THREE ten’s.

Kurt Warner and Anna: This was my favorite dance of the night – it was FUN! The judges were astounded and Carrie Ann says he had a lot of sex appeal. (I noticed it!) Warner is becoming a dancer! Len says he was really able to focus. The crowd boo’d because they only got 8’s.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: Len wanted to see more rhythm in the hips, and I wanted to close my eyes because she was doing that boob shake move a lot. I don’t think anyone can do that without looking weird.

Brandy and Maks: Bedazzled electric blue pantsuit with front-slit harem pants. THAT is what Brandy wore. Holy hell. I hate this Katy Perry song. They did well, but the judges didn’t think they should have been sitting for the first counts of the song. Maks tried to argue it, but he was clearly wrong. Not coincidentally, he’s who I believe is the the most annoying person on this show.

Tied at the top is Brandy and Maks and Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough. As usual, Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas are at the bottom of the board.