It doesn’t take a genius to know that razor blade soap is a bad idea. But it does take a person who believes they are a genius to think that it could be a great one. Enter: Dwight Schrute (The Office). Perhaps you’ve heard of his infamous Schrute farms? Best damn beet grower in all of Scranton.

I suspect it would all lead to another one of these posters.

I suspect it would all lead to another one of these posters.

Anyway. When I saw the above picture tweeted by Matt Brister (@cineMatt01) I laughed, and then I thought… you know who would think this is a good idea? Dwight! Because he is very involved in trying to help protect innocent citizens (even if it means giving them rabies by trapping bats on their heads – sorry Meredith). I picture that he would hand these out for Halloween. Yes, he’d hand out razor blades in soap.

And in a creepy voice he’d tell the young girls of Scranton, PA to use these as an escape tool if they’re ever in a “bad situation”. When inevitably questioned by the police he’d mention that he used to use non-clear soaps but that had seemed problematic for Moses.

What other types of things do you think Dwight hands out for Halloween in lieu of candy?

Psst. I will be interviewing Mindy Kaling of The Office soon about her new webisodes!