Adam Levine said the potential for this battle was huge, but there were several roadblocks along the way.

The Voice 2013

The Voice 2013

Duncan Kamakana VS Sarah Simmons – Team Adam
Song “Wanted you More” Lady Antebellum

Sarah had to work on trailing off at the end of the lyrics. And Duncan couldn’t be swallowed up by Sarah’s big voice. Sarah needed more control. And Duncan needed to be less laid back.

“In the end it seemed there was no room for me, still I tried to change your mind” is the most most heartbreaking moment in the song, according to songwriter Hillary Scott.

Adam also said to be more decisive about the harmonizing.

All in all, this seemed like a tough one. The singers weren’t melding together, and they both had issues to work on that made coming together even more troublesome. Still, Sarah Simmons is a fan favorite! How bad could it be?!

The Results

“Sarah, you’re one of my favorite singers I’ve ever heard in my life.” – Blake Shelton

“Duncan, you have a confidence that could drive women crazy.” – Usher

The winner of the battle

Sarah Simmons

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