duke clark lenoClark Duke (aka Dale on GREEK) brought a bouquet of flowers to Jay Leno, and said they were because he bombedĀ  his last time on the show. Further explanation was made as he said he had broken up with a girl and was all strung out. I started getting nervous – wondering what had happened… Then they showed the clip of him. The last time he was on the show was him at age five or something! Awww, so cute.And he wore a suit with converses – do you think he wants to be The Doctor (a la David Tennant)?

He admitted that he was at a GQ party talking to January Jones and slipped, fell, and ripped his pants. Yipes. He also stole a story about he was snuck into Prince’s birthday party and went down in the basement and saw tons of laundry machines all going at once. Which he remarked had surprised him, because he thought most of Prince’s clothing would be dry clean only.

Clark is in the new movie HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, alongside John Cusack. It looks good. AND IT’S BASED ON A TRUE STORY. You can’t prove that it wasn’t!