Find back pain relief products, tips to relieve back pain at home, and even learn how to get a fuller buttocks!

Dr. Oz did a show that premiered today, January 11, 2013 which was all about things you can do to relieve pain without pills. There are foods, gadgets, and even exercises that can help. Later, he discussed solutions for your fine hair and flat buttocks!

Photo Credit: Screencap from Dr. Oz’s site

Relieve Back Pain At Home

Many people are wondering where to get “the small yellow ball with bumps on it” as seen in this episode. We believe it’s this ball. The color doesn’t matter, though. What matters is the texture of the ball that helps stimulation to relieve tension in muscles. What do you do with this ball?

There are two main exercises Dr. Oz recommends. One (the “table top”) involves laying on your back with knees bent. Lift your butt and slide that ball under your spine. Bent legs should be lifted (knee’s still bent), like you’re a table top. Hold this position.

The second “open book” exercise has stay on the floor with bent knees and open legs. Pull your knees together to work muscles near the bottom of your pelvis.Thirdly, we have the heel tap exercise. This involves both knees up and bent in that tabletop position you did earlier. One heel at a time should tap the floor. Keep doing this and feel it in your lower abs.

Fix Flat Hair – The Best Haircut for Fine Hair (Women)

Sally Hershberger recommended a no water Volumizing Spray because it’s light weight aned won’t weigh your hair down. She suggested flipping your hair upside down and spray. Fix flat hair by having a waterless product. This is great for long, heavy hair that wants to feel full and thick. You can also use a boar bristle teasing brush, because it won’t rip or damage your hair with the soft bristles. A little volume can be achieved fast. But the right hair cut will also help you enormously. (Focus on the root.)

You need the right hair cut for flat hair! Layers are key, especially near the crown and around your face. But leave it full on the bottom! You’ll love your new, airy hair that’s full of volume. You can use a thickening spray if you still want more help. Hershberger said it’s like getting a face lift.

How to Get a Fuller Buttocks

Mina-Jacueline Au was in the house to tell us that the bigger the pocket on your jeans, the bigger your behind looks. Opt for colored stitching, don’t be afraid. And yes, there are butt pads you can wear…. check a department store. “Instant Barbie butts!”

Best Workout Music 2013 Suggestions

Lacey Stone Recommended Music
– ten songs from her blog

1. Whistle – Flo Rida

2. Get It Started – PitBull

3. Only The Horses – Scissor Sisters

4. Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

5. All of This – The Naked and Famous

6. Time to Pretend – MGMT

7. Warrior – Mark Foster, Kimbra

8. Undefeated – Jason Derulo

9. All I Ask of You – Skrillex

10 Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall – Coldplay

How to Get a Bigger Buttocks with Exercise at Home

Personal Trainer Lacey Stone says the secret is consistency, so don’t get discouraged. You’ll get bootylicious after a few weeks. The tushy toner: Get in second position with turned out feet, and put hands on hips. Bend your knees and move your knees in and out, like a funny chicken. Do 20. Next is the Buttox Booster. Squat 90 degrees, knee’s not over tip of toe. With your arms, raise up along with your legs. “Blast up” for 20 reps.

The Rear End Reach has you do a lateral lunge, keeping your chest up and your hands on your waist. Don’t let your chest come out. Do it 20 times!

Do I Have Flat Feet?

Test your foot type with a piece of paper and some water. Dr. Oz and Taryn Rose, MD showed how. Step into water and then step onto the paper. If you have your entire footprint on the paper, you have a flat foot. You should see a curved arch. The pain in calves, knee’s or hip can be caused by your flat feet. But there are some simple things to help! Orthodontic inserts (gel or cushion, not hard plastic) will help correct your flat feet. Achilles stretching can help. Stand on your tip toes. Even a tennis ball rolled under your foot as you stand can also relieve pain.

No Pill Pain Busters (Food)

Have headaches? You need magnesium, so try tahini. Two tablespoons a day will do it.

Joint paint? Cherries will help, but avoid cherry juice as there’s so much natural sugar.

Back pain? Papaya is what you want, it’ll reduce inflammation and give you anti-oxidants. You can even get frozen, organic chunks. A cup a day will do ya.

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